Why I think the Indian Software outsourcing model might die by 2050

1. Impact of Indian IT. Source: Calm.acm.org

Technology Services outsourcing model is basically “A Company which outsources the technology development and maintenance to a 3rd party company as it does not have building tech as its primary business or any tech know-how”

Global multinational companies also realized India’s potential in software services and started increasing their direct presence in India by setting up IT, business process management (BPM), and R&D centers. To date, 1,250 companies from around the world have set up their own centers in India across almost all key industry verticals. Software/Internet, telecom, semiconductor, automotive, and industrial are the top industries present, with R&D being a strong focal point. Enterprises across industries such as banking, retail, and healthcare also started driving digital engineering work from their India development centers.

2. Share of revenue of IT service providers from banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) in India in the financial year 2020, by the vendor
3. Global IT services outsourcing market share, by location, 2019 (%)

Some of the names of the below unicorns are dead and that precisely explains the point that how technology is a commodity and how the new solutions if do not have better use cases and higher customer focus will die just within the same decade as they evolved



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Suraj Saste

Suraj Saste

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